Super Slaw

Summer is coleslaw season, and we love this lighter version of a classic mayo-based slaw.
The real trick to making the best coleslaw is how you slice your veggies.
It’s all in the texture. We love a thinly sliced slaw with a lemony-mayo dressing.
How do you like your slaw veggies sliced?

Thinly, a little thicker, chopped?
Regardless, coleslaw can be a super healthy side chocked full of vitamins, minerals and soluble fibre.
If you prefer not to use mayonnaise, swap it out for yoghurt!
We’ve thinly sliced white cabbage, red cabbage, spring onions, and coriander for our super slaw.
Our dressing is 3 parts mayonnaise, 2 parts water and 1 part lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper, whisk and pour over your veggies. Toss to coat.