Beetroot hummus is a gorgeous twist to your average hummus. This earthy, garlicky, lemony dip is a definite crowd pleaser, full of fiber and healthy fats. We garnished our plate with pine nuts, fresh dill and parsley sprigs, @procaldairies Greek Yoghurt and a good drizzle of Colavita extra virgin olive oil.

• 1 tin #bionature cooked chickpeas
• 2 medium beetroots, peeled
• 2 garlic cloves
• 2 tablespoons @tahinineri_ hulled tahini
• juice of 1 lemon
• 50ml @colavita_italia extra virgin olive oil

• Peel and boil beetroot until tender, (roughly 30 min), and allow to cool completely
• Strain chickpeas and place into a blender along with tahini, beetroot and garlic. Puree.
• Gradually poor juice of 1 lemon and olive oil until smooth. Season with salt to taste.
• Drizzle with yoghurt and olive oil, finishing off with pine nuts and fresh herbs.